The Sominvest

Somalia is open for business, Our message is clear: Invest in Somalia. Invest in hope. Invest for prosperity. There has never been a better time to invest in Somalia. Somalia as a regional hub for commerce, transportation, trade and industry is back and our Government welcomes all investors to participate in the rebuilding of hope, opportunity and prosperity in the Horn of Africa. Somalia is strategically placed to connect people, enterprise and opportunity to all investors considering investing in our many industries and sectors of international economic advantage and strength.

Our strength in agriculture, fisheries and livestock can help to overcome the food security worries of many parts of the world. Our unique wind and solar capabilities can pioneer a new age of affordable and clean energy to spur further economic growth across the region. Somalia has the longest coast in Africa, a young and ambitious population and the political stability to sustain and manage long-term reforms and economic and social progress.

Furthermore, Somalia is the gateway to the continent with over 200 million potential customers needing goods and services.
The Somali Investment Law is among the most competitive internationally and provides all investors with flexible incentives to ensure all their needs are met effectively and efficiently. It also provides various incentives to all investors that invest in our key national priority sectors such as those contained in this document.

SomInvest, the investment promotion office of the government of Somalia operating within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion, will be a one stop shop which provides comprehensive information, advice and assistance to all foreign investors. This service, coupled with our country’s abundant natural resources as well as human capital, makes the best case for Somalia’s readiness for Investment. Our message to investors is clear: Invest in Somalia. Invest in hope. Invest for prosperity

H.E. Abdusalam H. Omer,
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion of Somalia

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