The Government and People of the Federal Republic of Somalia congratulate the Government and People of Turkey on the 93rd anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

Turkey’s political and socio-economic achievements since the founding of the Republic on 29th October 1923 are a journey of great success and inspiration to the Somali Government and People. Indeed, all Somalis consider Turkey a valuable partner, supporter and ally in their nation’s developmental journey.

This year has been a challenging one for the world and Turkey has proudly played a major role in formulating and implementing solutions to some of the most pressing challenges including the international refugee crisis. Somalia is proud of its partnership with Turkey and we seek to enhance this through further cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

As the Government and People of Turkey celebrate their special Republic Day, the entire people of Somalia join them in their celebrations of peace, democracy, progress and prosperity.

On this day of celebration, the Somali people wish further progress and prosperity in the year ahead for the brotherly Government of the Turkish Republic and its entire people.