The government and people of the Federal Republic of Somalia strongly and unequivocally condemn the heinous violent acts of terrorism in Ankara yesterday evening in at least 34 innocent people lost their lives and more were injured.

The fact that the terrorist would target innocent civilians in such a brutal and unforgivable manner is the greatest sign of their inhumanity and moral bankruptcy. Any violence against innocent civilians aimed at terrorizing them and their nation is deplorable and wholly evil.

The government of Somalia is working hard to tackle terrorism within our borders and wider region. Terrorism is a global threat that has deeply affected the citizens of both Somalia and Turkey. We therefore stand in solidarity with the brotherly People and Government of the Republic of Turkey. We mourn with them and share their deep loss in these dark hours.

Our heartfelt condolences go to the families, friends and loved ones of all the innocent victims who were affected by this evil tragedy. Instead of weakening and dividing Turkey, the senseless and violent terrorist attacks will only unite and strengthen Turkey and the world’s response to the great crime of terrorism.

The government of the Federal Republic of Somalia enjoys strong bilateral ties with the Republic of Turkey and we endeavor to advance this through further cooperation in all areas of common interest, including security.