The New Deal

What is the New Deal?

A guiding set of principles for fragile states development.

A country-led process that strengthens capacities, ownership and mutual accountability, supported by the international community.

Sectoral focus across 5 Peace building and State building Goals (PSGs):

Inclusive Politics;

Security and Rule of Law;


Economic Foundations;

Revenue and Services.

A key element is a ‘Compact’ between the recipient country and the donor community, to guide a partnership between all the parties to transition the country out of fragility.

How is the New Deal being taken forward in Somalia?

Somalia is a member of the g7+ group of countries and was an original signatory to the Busan New Deal principles in 2011.

Somalia has committed to implementing the New Deal principles to move beyond fragility. The International Community is supporting Somalia in this endeavor.

With international support Somalia is:

Undertaking an assessment on the causes and features of its underlying fragility;

Hosting a number of Working Groups across the 5 Peace and State Building goals (PSGs) to develop the Compact that will be the focus of the Brussels Conference;

Engaging with all Somali communities and regions.

Why now?

Somalia has made substantial progress recently and has real potential to move further out of fragility. It is important that the recent positive momentum is maintained.

The Somali government should gradually be able to develop its own capacity to take over key responsibilities from international community. The key task is to agree on main national priorities and coordinate international support under the New Deal process.

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